The right loan for your clients, quickly and safely

Your clients can compare top lenders

Set your loan recommendation to autopilot

Whatever their loan needs, you can feel confident sending your clients to Credible when its time to check their rates. Doing so via Credible won’t affect their credit score, subject them to spammy follow up, nor lock them into anything moving forward. It’s easy, fast, and commitment-free.

Are your clients ready to buy a new home?

Are they confused on how best to repay or refinance their student loans?

Are they ready to take advantage of lower interest rates and refinance their home? 

Your clients will thank you!

In addition to providing a free loan comparison tool to your clients, CFFA program clients also get access to special welcome bonuses if they choose to move forward with a given loan product:

Up to $750 for refinancing their student loans*

$100 for originating a personal loan

Just make sure they use your personal CFFA link

*Bonus is dependent upon closed loan amount.

Client Welcome Bonus Plus

Program Tier

Client Transactions via Credible

Client Welcome Bonus

Referral Bonus







Gold and Platinum Tiers

All CFFA Program participants are eligible to earn special bonuses for their clients, but our Gold and Platinum program-eligible participants can earn referral bonuses for themselves and/or their practice.

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