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It’s tough working in a hospital and nobody knows that better than nurses. As our unsung heroes, nurses work extremely hard every day to take care of our nation’s most ill. We’ve spent some time getting to know nurses in order to help them refinance their student loans and have a new found appreciation for all the work they do. Here’s a typical day in the life:

5:00AM Wake up

6:30AM Clock in and check assignments

6:45AM Greet first patient

7:00AM Attempt to pacify patient’s angry parents

7:30AM Administer routine tests

9:00AM Eat breakfast

10:00AM Distribute medicine to patients like

1:30PM Lunch break when ER waiting area fills up

2:30PM Console a needy patient

3:00PM Catch up on charting

4:30PM Walk out of the hospital at the end of the shift