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Psychiatrists are the gatekeepers of our mental health: their job is to treat and identify mental illnesses, ranging anywhere from mild depression to catatonic schizophrenia. It takes years of school and residency to become a certified psychiatrist, so it’s not surprising that they tend to rack up lots of student debt. We’ve spent some time getting to know psychiatrists as we help them refinance their student loans and wanted to show our appreciation for all their hard work! Here’s a humorous day in their life:

6:30AM Wake up

8:00AM Full family group therapy session

9:30AM Final meeting with patient receiving behavioral therapy

10:30AM Presentation from pharmaceutical company on a “groundbreaking new drug”

12:00PM Lunch break

1:00PM New patient experiencing an episode for the first time

2:00PM Weekly appointment with teenager

3:00PM Check in with students from the residency program

4:00PM Complete dictations for the day

5:00PM Head home