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Progressive entered the home product space by acquiring American Strategic Insurance (ASI) and rebranding the product to Progressive Home Advantage.

Rest assured, both companies operate on a solid financial foundation. ASI maintains an A+ (Superior) AM Best Rating as well as Progressive: A+ (Superior) AM Best Rating.

Here’s everything you need to know about Progressive home insurance:

What’s protected with Progressive home insurance?

Progressive uses the same HO-3 ISO standard form as the rest of the industry, so you can compare apples to apples. Progressive has an affordable way to add extra coverage to your policy as well. The HomeShield Package or HomeShield Plus Package offers additional coverage at hugely discounted rates:

HomeShield Package

  • 25% increased replacement cost
  • $5,000 water backup and sump overflow
  • Personal injury
  • $2,500 loss assessment
  • $3,000 jewelry, watches, furs
  • $2,000 credit card, forgery, counterfeit money
  • $750 fire department service charge

Note: Can vary slightly state by state

HomeShield Plus Package

  • 50% increased replacement cost
  • Special personal property coverage
  • Personal property coverage limit = 70% Coverage A (Dwelling)
  • $10,000 water backup and sump overflow
  • Personal injury
  • Identity management coverage
  • $5,000 loss assessment
  • $5,000 jewelry, watches, furs
  • $4,000 firearms
  • $4,000 business property on premises
  • $3,000 credit card, forgery, counterfeit money
  • $1,000 fire department service charge

Note: Can vary slightly state by state

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Filing a claim with Progressive

Claims are an excellent measurement of value when purchasing home insurance. After all, if you faithfully pay your premiums, then you want to know your fire, theft, or windstorm claim will be handled properly.

Progressive (via ASI) makes it easy for their clients to:

  • File a claim online
  • File a claim over the phone: 866-274-5677

Both options allow you to report a claim whenever disaster strikes, whether day or night, weekends, or holidays. The carrier guarantees a claims adjuster will contact the client within 48 business hours of the submission of the initial claim.

We already know Progressive has the financial resources available to pay claims. So how well does Progressive perform when it comes to claims service?

Progressive reviews

Consumer Affairs awarded Progressive home insurance with 4.0 stars on a 5.0 scale. Looking closer at the feedback indicated, most of the 1-star reviews (29% of the total consumer reviews submitted) were related to the Homesite claims process. Customer experience will drastically improve with ASI stepping up to the plate. If you look at more recent reviews, it seems they are trending above the 4-star level.

Where is Progressive available?

Progressive offers insurance coverage in all 50 states.

Final thoughts

Overall, Progressive provides a reliable homeowners insurance package with reasonable rates. ASI will give future Progressive customers a better option than the previous choice: Homesite. With the rebranding to Progressive Home Advantage, Progressive is more equipped than ever to serve your insurance needs. If you’re looking for homeowners insurance that’s affordable with comprehensive coverage, you may want to consider Progressive.

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