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Most insurance companies try to offer as broad of coverage as possible. RLI Insurance, though, is doing just the opposite. RLI is a niche insurer that focuses on commercial and personal policies. The company offers surety bonds along with property and casualty insurance.

For homeowners, RLI currently only offers policies in Hawaii. However, the company has offices across California, Georgia, Illinois, Washington, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about RLI insurance:

What’s protected with RLI insurance?

RLI offers both personal and commercial insurance policies. On the personal side, you can get one of these plans:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Racetrack driving insurance
  • Home business insurance

Homeowners insurance (Hawaii only)

Hawaii homeowners experience unique hazards that make it challenging for insurance underwriters. RLI offers unique homeowners coverage options, such as:

  • Hurricane insurance
  • Primary and secondary homes (up to $3.5 million)
  • Older home insurance
  • Oceanfront property insurance
  • Corporate-owned homes
  • Homes under construction
  • Homes in remote areas on all islands

Standard homeowners insurance plans include the following elements:

  • Dwelling coverage: Protect your home’s structure from 16 perils, including fire, theft, vehicle damage, and more. This policy can also include volcano damage, which is helpful in Hawaii.
  • Other structures: If you have a pool house or detached garage, it’s covered. This protection amount is often 10% of your dwelling insurance.
  • Personal property protection: If your stuff gets destroyed by a named peril, you can get reimbursed. Typically, insurance companies value personal property at its actual cost, not its replacement cost.
  • Additional living expenses: If a disaster forces you to move out, this insurance pays for hotel costs and other living expenses.
  • Personal liability coverage: If someone other than your family gets hurt on your property, you are protected financially from lawsuits and medical expenses. It also pays for their damaged property.

In addition to homeowners insurance, RLI offers condo and renters insurance to Hawaiian residents. With condo insurance, you can receive:

  • Dwelling coverage up to $3.5 million
  • Medical payments liability for guests
  • Extended coverage for unit owners
  • Property management coverage (for HOAs)
  • Hurricane insurance

If you need renters insurance, RLI offers:

  • Personal property protection
  • Personal liability protection
  • Identity theft protection

If you’re a landlord with a rental home in Hawaii, you can get basic fire coverage. Dwelling fire insurance protects against common hazards. This type of insurance is also cheaper than a standard homeowners plan. Or, you can get a more comprehensive DP3 landlord insurance policy, which covers you for almost as much as a standard home insurance policy covers.

Best of all, RLI can insure your rental property even your rental is empty. This coverage also includes hurricane insurance (wind, not flooding) and premises liability protection.

Personal umbrella insurance

If you have home insurance or car insurance, you have personal liability coverage already. However, your policy may not protect you enough — usually, home insurance caps at $300,000. Auto insurance is often much less than that.

If you need more liability coverage, you can buy umbrella insurance through RLI. The company offers up to $5 million in extra protection. This insurance is available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Best of all, RLI umbrella insurance can cover new drivers even if you have a DWI or DUI (one max). In addition, since umbrella insurance is extra, you do not have to cancel or change your existing policies.

Track day insurance

This coverage illustrates how RLI focuses on niche insurance products. For example, if you live near a racetrack, you may decide to take advantage of high-performance driving education events (HDPE). HDPE programs allow you to drive at high speeds in your own vehicle.

Good to know: If you crash your car during an HDPE event, your insurance will not cover you. Instead, RLI can issue one-day policies to protect your vehicle during the event.

Home business insurance

This policy is a hybrid of personal and commercial insurance. Standard homeowners insurance policies do not extend to some business materials or any liability expenses. So, if you’re running a business from home, you must pay out of pocket if disaster strikes.

RLI Corp. provides comprehensive home-based business insurance for a wide array of industries. You can check out a complete list of qualified businesses here. Some examples include:

  • Costume or fine jewelry
  • Auto detailing
  • Photography
  • Clothing
  • At-home call center services
  • Floral services

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RLI details and reviews

RLI Corp. began in 1958 when the founder started offering contact lens insurance plans. For the last 20+ years, RLI has focused on specialty insurance policies for homeowners and entrepreneurs.

The company has strong financial backing, including an A+ rating from AM Best. AM Best is one of the top credit rating companies in the world. This rank means that RLI is fully equipped to settle its financial liabilities. So, customers do not have to worry about waiting too long for claims payments.

For general inquiries, you can call 800-331-4929 or 309-692-1000. The company has many offices nationwide with local numbers. You can look up the RLI location closest to you on their website.

Where is RLI insurance available?

RLI offers homeowners, renters, and condo insurance only in Hawaii. However, other insurance products are available in many U.S. states.

Filing a claim with RLI

Although RLI does not have a web portal, it’s easy to file an insurance claim. You can call, fax, or email your information and documents. They designate email as the best option with the fastest response.

  • Phone: 800-444-0406
  • Fax: 866-692-6796
  • Email: New.Claim@rlicorp.com

If you have identity theft protection, you can call the Cyber Event Coach at 844-623-3095. Otherwise, you can call the main number or file a claim via email.

Final thoughts

If you need specialty insurance products, RLI insurance may be an excellent choice. The company is respected in the insurance industry and has worked with homeowners and commercial enterprises for over 20 years. They understand the unique needs of their clients, and they deliver high-quality results.

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