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Our goal here at Credible is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we do promote products from our partner lenders, all opinions are our own.

Building on the technology that powers our leading marketplaces for student loans, student loan refinancing, and personal loans, I’m proud to announce that Credible has launched a modern mortgage marketplace. We think it’s about time the mortgage shopping and application process was rebuilt, and we are starting with mortgage refinancing.

So what is a “modern mortgage marketplace?” Well, for starters, it’s built around you, the borrower. And it’s one where:

  • You can compare actual rates in 3 minutes (not ranges or estimates)
  • Your personal data is NEVER sold, so you don’t have to enter a witness protection program to stop the telemarketing calls
  • You can shop and close “on platform,” like booking an airline ticket or buying essentials on Amazon
  • You have a choice of top lenders and diverse loan products
  • Much of the origination process is automated, as technology does the legwork

As of today, our mortgage marketplace provides access to refinancing to borrowers in 20 states.* We plan to bring more states and lenders on board soon.

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Homeowners leaving money on the table

Most homeowners do not shop for mortgages because the process is so frustrating, difficult and confusing (the exact same issue existed in student loans, and was the reason Credible was founded).

Nearly half of consumers don’t consider more than one lender before applying for a mortgage. For most borrowers, the mortgage shopping process stops after their first application, with 77 percent applying to just one lender. In our experience, borrowers see interest rates that span an average of over 0.75 percentage points. That can amount to tens of thousands of dollars of excess interest paid if you choose the wrong loan.

We are really proud of what we have done in the student loan industry. We set a new standard of transparency, and helped borrowers save tens of millions of dollars and many hours of frustration.

Now we’re out to do the same for mortgages. We’re the first end-to-end (or in other words, shopping-to-close) mortgage marketplace, providing actual rates from top lenders, and a really simple origination experience.

Credible’s unique approach to mortgages

There’s no shortage of comparison sites that claim to offer personalized mortgage rates. But comparison sites often treat borrowers as leads that are harvested and sold to lenders. We think that is anti-consumer behavior and we won’t do it.

Equally problematic is that many of these sites ignore the intricacies of lender underwriting models, so they often provide inaccurate teaser rates or ballpark estimates.

Here’s why Credible is different — and better. Our mortgage marketplace is integrated with credit bureaus and lenders. What that means is you can request actual rates from top mortgage lenders.

This process takes less than 3 minutes, and doesn’t hurt your credit score. We never sell your personal information, so you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with calls and emails from multiple lenders.

A painless mortgage origination process

Once you’ve found an option you like, the Credible mortgage marketplace lets you complete the entire origination process with any of our partner lenders without ever having to leave

We’ve streamlined, digitized and automated much of the process, employing smart logic so you don’t have to answer questions or upload documents that are not relevant to your application.

Much of the required documentation — such as W2s or 1099s, bank statements and tax records — can be collected automatically, making our application process easier and faster than a traditional mortgage refinance. For those who need it, Credible’s licensed loan officers are ready to provide additional support.

In short, we provide the level of service you’d expect from a modern, digital mortgage lender, coupled with the choice and transparency of a marketplace or broker.

Demand for refinancing

Helping homeowners refinance their mortgages fits squarely in our mission to help people make better borrowing decisions.

For most Americans, their home is their biggest investment. Helping homeowners refinance their mortgages fits squarely within our mission to help people make better borrowing decisions.

It might be a surprise to many that despite recent interest rate increases, Americans will refinance $543 billion in mortgages between now and the end of 2019, according to Fannie Mae. That is a monster number – it represents more than one-third of all outstanding student loan debt in the U.S.

Mortgage refinancing is a tool for homeowners in pursuit of goals that include:

  • Tapping the equity they have to fund home improvements or other big-ticket expenses
  • Saving money by lowering the interest rate on their mortgage
  • Converting adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loans into fixed-rate loans
  • Ridding themselves of FHA mortgage insurance premiums

The decision to refinance your home is a critical one. But too many people are making decisions without getting all of the information and comparing actual rates. We’re excited to help people save time and money, and ultimately give them peace of mind.


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Stephen Dash is the Founder and CEO of Credible. He founded Credible because of sheer disbelief at the burden student debt placed on young Americans (a problem that does not exist in his native Australia).

*Credible’s mortgage marketplace is available in the following states: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C.