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In a world that revolves around technology, becoming a software engineer is becoming a quick way to be in high demand from new employers. Coding boot camps, such as General Assembly and Dev Bootcamp, are new channels through which everyday Americans can learn how to code in different programming languages over a period of a few months through intensive, short-term classes. Many coding boot camps claim that their students can graduate within a few months with the full skill set of an employable software engineer.

Given that many of these programs can cost upwards of $10,000, they are not necessarily financially accessible to everyone. To solve this, a slew of lenders that are helping to fund boot campers’ coding educations have entered the market. They include Pave, Climb Credit, LendLayer, Upstart, Earnest, and Affirm. These lenders offer loan terms generally ranging from 1-3 years with interest rates starting as low as 5%.

Coding boot camps have received praise from many, including President Obama, who called these programs “a ticket to the middle class.” Nevertheless, not everyone is in agreement about the success of coding boot camps. These intensive programs often require people to take an extended period of time away from their jobs and have even influenced some to quit their jobs to pursue computer programming. Some argue that these boot camps are offering students the promise of a job and then failing to deliver, as many boot camp graduates are unable to find work as programmers.

Critics also maintain that someone who has completed a coding boot camp does not have the same skill set as someone who has spent four years studying computer science at college or university. With the added layer of student loans that these boot camp participants may now have, coding boot camps may be perpetuating the cycle of risky student loan debt in America.

While a rapidly growing market with lots of opportunity, student loan lenders are focused on being careful and selective in financing student loans for programming boot camp students. For many lenders, the goal is a delicate balance to provide financial resources to people who wish to advance themselves, with prudent and sensible lending.

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