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Jared Hughes

  • Digital content editor for 6+ years
  • Avid gamer and fairy tale enthusiast
  • Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing (minor in English Literature)

Personal finance experience

Jared Hughes is Credible’s personal loan editor, a role he feels well-suited to fill considering his own experience with using a personal loan to pay off debt. He’s currently still making payments and working toward his goal. Through his own experience, he aims to be an empathetic source of understanding for borrowers looking for the best ways to consolidate debt.

Previous experience

Jared got his start editing online at an internship for Fairy Tale Review, a literary journal analyzing fairy tales. From there, he worked for a destination marketing agency where he specialized in editing and writing stories meant to inspire people to visit their favorite destinations in the US. He was also a freelance writer, creating website content for local businesses in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona and writing tourism content for destinations across the country. Before joining Credible, Jared was a content editor for Intuit, editing learning courses created for the QuickBooks sales team. In his free time, Jared enjoys hiking the desert vistas of southern Arizona (when it’s not 100 degrees), writing his novel, and playing video games.


Jared earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing with a minor in English from the University of Arizona.