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Lindsay VanSomeren

  • Personal finance writer since 2015
  • Knows what it's like to have money problems
  • Paid off student loans 15 years ahead of schedule


Budgeting, credit cards, insurance, student loans, personal loans

Personal finance experience

Lindsay VanSomeren specializes in credit and loans. Her work has appeared on Credit Karma, Forbes Advisor, LendingTree, and more.

Previous experience

Lindsay’s claim to fame is that she used to be bad at money, so she knows what it’s like for the average person. After doing a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure on her house, she vowed to learn how to manage her finances better and eventually paid off all of her remaining debt in 2019. Today, Amy helps others learn to do the same thing for themselves by writing for outlets like Credit Karma, Forbes Advisor, LendingTree, and more. When she’s not writing about money, she enjoys fitness, fishing, and homebrewing.


Lindsay received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.