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Nothing teaches you better time management skills than enrolling in a PhD program. Whether it be in an online class or at a university, getting a PhD is extensive, exhausting, but highly rewarding. We’ve learned a lot about PhD students while refinancing their student loans and have great respect for all their hard work. Here’s a humorous take on a day in the life:

6:30AM Wake up

7:00AM Work out

8:00AM Continue your research where you’ve been stuck on the same problem for a week now

10:00AM Presentation led by lead professor in your division

12:00PM Lunch

1:00PM Walk into class realizing you forgot to do the reading

3:00PM Present at your dissertation committee meeting

4:30PM Lead section when that one student won’t stop raising their hand

5:30PM Office hours when a student asks a question you don’t know the answer to

8:00PM Study/Work on dissertation

11:00PM Sleep

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