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Evelyn Pimplaskar

  • 30+ years of experience writing, editing and creating content
  • Financial writer and editor for more than 10 years
  • Versatile tax, savings and checking, mortgage and personal finance writer


Mortgages, taxes, budgeting, investing

Personal finance experience

Evelyn Pimplaskar is Credible’s editor-in-chief. Her career has spanned nearly every form of writing and editing, from newspaper and magazine articles, to press releases, case studies, and online content. She’s covered topics ranging from volatile local elections and tools to dissuade birds from roosting on commercial buildings, to income taxes, student loans, investing, borrowing, and saving.

Previous experience

Considering how little money she had in the early days of her professional life, Evelyn would have scoffed back then at the thought she’d eventually find her niche in personal finance. But she honed her money skills through years of trial and error (lots of error), and by grabbing every opportunity to learn about finances from people with more knowledge (and money) than she.

Prior to joining Credible, Evelyn was tax editor at Credit Karma. Her diverse career includes work as a content marketer, vice president and managing officer of a boutique public relations agency, chief copy editor for 14 weekly Forbes publications, reporting for large and mid-sized daily newspapers, and freelancing for the Associated Press.


Evelyn holds a bachelor’s in journalism from Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey.

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