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Kevin Payne

  • Personal finance writer for five years
  • Owner of Family Money Adventure
  • Avid family traveler


Credit cards, travel, student loans, budgeting and saving

Personal finance experience

Kevin Payne is a family travel and finance expert. After he and his wife added two girls to their family through adoption, Kevin got serious about taking control of their finances so their family could still enjoy their favorite pleasures, like travel. Now, he’s self-employed and spends his free time traveling with his wife and four kids.

Kevin writes about credit cards, travel, student loans, saving money, homeownership, and career and entrepreneurship. His work has been featured in Forbes Advisor, The Ascent, FInance Buzz, Slick Deals, Student Loan Planner, and more. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Kevin is in the process of becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC).