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Sarah Li-Cain

  • Financial writer for 6+ years and written for major outlets worldwide
  • Candidate for Accredited Financial Counselor Certification
  • Has lived and worked in five countries


Real estate, insurance, loans, banking, credit

Personal finance experience

Sarah is a former elementary teacher and started freelance writing on the side for fun. Before moving to the U.S. she decided to learn more about how personal finance works and grew this newfound obsession into a successful writing career, writing for major outlets such as Bankrate, CNBC Select, and NextAdvisor (in partnership with Time).

Previous experience

Sarah’s passion is for writing about topics aimed towards underserved communities, such as U.S. newcomers and the unbanked. Her background helps her to break down complex topics that are both digestible and actionable.

In her spare time she can be found trying to successfully grow a garden in her Florida home, baking with her son, and hiking.


Sarah received her Bachelor’s degree in Education and English literature from York University in Canada.

Featured work