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First-Time Homebuyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know

First-time homebuyers have to make a number of unfamiliar decisions. Check out some of these resources to help you better navigate the mortgage process.

Saving for a down payment

Saving up for a large down payment is one of the biggest challenges first-time homebuyers face. These guides offer advice on how to secure that elusive 20% down payment and avoid PMI.

Types of mortgages

As a first-time homebuyer, you might be seeking a loan that doesn't require a high down payment and is easy to qualify for. Learn about the available options and find a good fit for your situation.

Homebuying and closing documents

You'll encounter — and be required to provide — some important documentation throughout the homebuying process. Learn more about the key documents you can expect to come across.

Homebuying tax tips

Taxes can get confusing. Check out these resources if you're perplexed by any mortgage-related tax jargon.