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Navient student loans was created in 1973 as a division of the Student Loan Marketing Association, better known as Sallie Mae. In 2013, Sallie Mae announced that the company would be splitting into two public companies; an education loan management business rebranded as Navient and a consumer banking business retaining the name Sallie Mae. Navient focuses on new loan management, servicing, and asset recovery.

What is Navient & What Does It Do?

Navient is dedicated to helping its borrowers reach financial success through a number of payment management options as well as solutions for customers in default. Navient’s philosophy is centered on customer service and dedication to clients and customers. Navient has received marks of distinction as well as top ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

Navient Product Offerings

Navient offers three types of services: Department of Education Loan Servicing, Private Student Loan Servicing, and Asset Recovery and Collections Services.

Navient services a wide range of Department of Education Loans, namely the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program containing federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans, PLUS loans for parents and graduate students, as well as direct consolidation loans. Navient also services discontinued loan programs, namely the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and the Health Education Assistance Loan Program (HEAL). Finally, Navient services various private student loans that were issued by multiple banks and credit unions, offering an optional cosigner release for creditworthy borrowers.

One unique feature of Navient student loans is its asset recovery services. Through this service, Navient aids government agencies and education institutions in receiving payments.

Navient Benefits

Navient has a long history in the student lending industry, having existed for over 40 years as an extension of student lending giant, Sallie Mae. Navient offers multiple repayment options and is willing to work with students who are struggling to make payments through various reduced payment, deferment, and forbearance programs.

Is Navient federal or private?

When Navient and Sallie Mae split up into two separate companies, they took over different functions. Navient collects borrowers’ federal student loan payments and help you manage your repayment plan, while Sallie Mae remains in charge of helping borrowers get private student loans.

Navient rate reduction program

The rate reduction program is unique to Navient and allows eligible participants to have their interest rates reduced to as low as 1 percent for one year. While the rate reduction program can be incredibly beneficial to borrowers who need help paying off their loans, not everyone is eligible for the program. Borrowers must apply to the program every year if they want to keep availing of low interest rates.

Who should explore Navient?                 

Borrowers who obtained their student loans with Sallie Mae may have had their loans transferred to Navient. As an independent company, Navient can directly service students today who need federal student loans. With federal student loans, borrowers do not directly select their loan servicers. Instead, loan servicers are assigned by the U.S Department of Education. If you wish to have your loans serviced by Navient, however, a federal Direct Consolidation can combine all of your existing federal or private debt and allows you to choose Navient as a servicing option.

Navient Student Loan Reviews

In terms of customer experience, borrowers generally think that Navient could improve its customer service. However, many public reviews praise Navient’s rate reduction program, as well as consumer protection on Navient loans.