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How to pay off student loans without a billionaire bailout

May 24, 2019

It truly is time to let go of the notion that today’s student can carry the full cost of college by working full time in the summer, taking a part time job during school and taking on a small amount of student loans.

Student loan rates are dropping. Here’s what you need to know

May 9, 2019

The interest rates on federal student loans will go down next academic year. The government sets the annual rates on those loans once a year, based on the 10-year Treasury note, which has also been on the decline.

Five Ways to Pay for Grad School

February 1, 2019

Many students seeking graduate degrees need help footing the bill. But they often don’t know where to turn. Promises to Make Refinancing Your Mortgage Easy

November 9, 2018 is revamping how people refinance their mortgages ー in the time it takes to download an app. The platform has launched what it calls a “modern mortgage marketplace,” providing users with real-time rates from multiple lenders.

Is the interest rate on your student loan going up? Here’s what you can do about it

August 21, 2018

After years of historically low interest rates, the Federal Reserve is gradually pushing up rates again. That has implications for student loans of all types, whose rates are based on metrics that are influenced by the Fed’s decisions.

How to Prepare for Rising Student Loan Interest Rates

July 10, 2018

Student loan experts say consumers should expect interest rate hikes on federal student loans to become the new normal. College students may see higher rates each year they take out a federal loan, they say.

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