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Jenni Sisson

  • 4 years of editorial and writing experience in personal finance and real estate content
  • Produced content for outlets such as Business Insider, Fintech Nexus News, and FinanceBuzz
  • Edited multiple personal finance ebooks

Bio and experience

Jenni is a personal finance editor and writer. Her favorite topics are investing, mortgages, real estate, budgeting, and entrepreneurship. She also hosts the Mama’s Money Map podcast, which helps stay-at-home moms earn more, spend less, and invest the rest. Jenni started her professional career as an in-house editor for KLAS Research, a healthcare IT company.
While taking a career break to stay at home with her children, she took up a number of side hustles, including piano teacher, mystery shopper, real estate investor, and maple syrup salesperson. Since she returned to editing and writing, Jenni has edited content for Forbes, as well as several ebooks. She has written articles for Business Insider, Fintech Nexus News, FinanceBuzz, The Ways to Wealth, and more.

When she’s not writing or editing, you can find Jenni taking her family for hikes along the Wasatch Front, sewing with her sisters, or beating someone at Scrabble.


Jenni earned a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Brigham Young University.