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Kelly Larsen

  • Writer and editor for 9 years
  • Bachelor’s degree in English Literature
  • Financial editing experience in both the online media and app spaces


Mortgages, student loans, credit and debt management, budgeting

Personal finance experience

Kelly Larsen has written and edited content that spans many personal finance topics, including buying a home, saving for retirement, and paying off student loans. She first started learning about the world of finance through her work at In 2020, Kelly helped launch Paven, a financial well-being app.

Previous experience

Kelly’s diverse background includes working as a copywriter for an online driving school, writing a weekly column for an end-of-life blog, and proofreading nonfiction books on topics such as crocheting.

When she’s not helping others learn more about personal finance, she enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with her dog, Henry.


Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from San Francisco State University.