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Important Details

A few things to keep in mind while you refer your friends

  • For friends you refer who refinance a balance of $30,000 or less, you both will receive a $100 bonus.

  • You can refer a maximum of 10 friends to refinance their student loans. You can refer 5 friends with a balance of $30,000 or more and 5 friends with a balance of $30,000 or less.

Personal Loan Referrals

Earn a $100 bonus when you refer friends to Credible for personal loans.

You can earn a bonus for 5 successful personal loan referrals.

Meet people who have already helped their friends

"Credible helped me refinance my loans and my wife and I got $500 each when we used their service. It was easy and saved us a bunch of money. I highly recommend their service."

-Daniel Green

"When my husband and I first heard about Credible's referral program, we thought it was too good to be true. It's not! With very little effort on our part, we've been able to help dozens of our friends get lower interest rates on their student loans by refinancing through Credible, which has amounted to thousands of dollars in our pocket! If you have friends with student loans, you should be taking advantage of this program!"

-Michael and Courtney Newhall

"The great part about Credible is that it's fast and easy to check a bunch of lenders in literally 5 minutes or less. I've had clients save the equivalent of a brand new Mercedes in the time it takes to watch one funny YouTube video. "

-Travis Hornsby, CFA

Referral Reward FAQs

Please see our Referral Reward Terms & Conditions. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. Changes will be posted to the Terms & Conditions and will be effective upon posting.

Any friend you refer who refinances a student loan balance of $30,000 or more will receive $200. Each of you receive $100 when the loan balance is under $30,000.

How much does my friend get?

How many friends can I refer to Credible?

You are able to refer up to 5 friends to refinance a student loan balance of $30,000, 5 friends to refinance a student loan balance of under $30,000 and 5 friends to take out a personal loan. Any referrals that you made before November 1, 2017 will not count towards the cap of 15 referrals.

What if my friend already refinanced with Credible but they want to refinance their loans again, can I still earn a Referral Reward?

No, you are only eligible for Referral Rewards if your friend (i) has not used the Credible platform to refinance their loans previously; and (ii) has NOT submitted a request for refinancing rates through the Credible platform within the past sixty (60) days.

My friend didn’t use my unique referral link when filling out the pre-qualification request. Am I still eligible for a Referral Reward?

No. Your friend must use your unique referral link to qualify for the referral reward.

Can I still earn Referral Rewards for friends who need a private student loan?

No, the Referral Reward Program is currently only for refinancing student loans and personal loans, not for Credible’s in-school loan platform.

Can I refer myself to receive the Referral Reward?

No, don’t be silly! The referrer and the person referred must be two different people.

How do I get my Referral Reward?

You will receive an email notifying you that a friend completed a loan through the Credible platform. Credible will issue the rewards to you and the person you referred via or some other means as determined by Credible. It can take 30 business days to receive your referral reward.


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