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The iHelp Consolidation Loan program connects a network of community banks with borrowers interested in refinancing their student loans. Sponsored by the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), the iHelp network currently consists of over 5,000 community banks with 23,000 locations throughout the United States. iHelp also works with the Student Loan Finance Corporation (SLFC), a student loan originator and servicer that has been in the student lending industry for the past 30 years.


The partnership between the Student Loan Finance Corporation and the Independent Community Bankers of America is aimed at providing competitive student loan programs at affordable rates with personable customer service. The iHelp loan process begins with a referral to a participating bank in the iHelp network. Once the application has been approved, the originating lender will fund the loan and then the loan will be serviced by the SLFC. The SLFC is then the ongoing point of contact for borrowers. Ultimately, iHelp’s mission is to make community lending widely accessible.

 Product Offerings (rates valid as of August 6, 2015)

 iHelp offers a student loan refinancing program called the iHelp Consolidation Loan. Borrowers can consolide both federal and private loans as well as parent Federal PLUS loans. All loans through iHelp have a term of 15 years.

Term Fixed Interest Rates*
15 year 6.22% – 7.99% APR

*Rates include auto-debit reduction


The minimum loan amount for an iHelp Consolidation Loan is $25,000. The maximum loan amount is $100,000 for undergraduate degrees and $150,000 for graduate degrees. Interest rates on the iHelp Consolidation Loan are fixed rates throughout the life of the loan. There is a supplemental fee of 2% that is added to the loan at the time of disbursement. Students must have graduated from one of the eligible schools to be a possible candidate for the iHelp Consolidation Loan.


Some of the biggest benefits of the iHelp Consolidation Loan are the several repayment and forbearance options that they offer. Borrowers can request interest only payments for 24 months or a graduated payment program if they cannot make full principal and interest payments initially.

iHelp offers 3 different types of forbearance: up to 24 months for hardship, partial payments for up to 24 months, and forbearance for administrative reasons, such as military service for those that qualify. iHelp also offers co-signer release after payments have been made on time for 24 months and the borrower is deemed to be creditworthy.

Who should explore iHelp Consolidation Loans?      

Borrowers who have a combination of private and federal loans that are looking to consolidate into one monthly payment should explore iHelp Consolidation Loan. Borrowers who have a limited credit profile or limited work history may also have better luck at being approved through iHelp. Borrowers who have private student loans and are interested in the various repayment and forbearance options may also wish to explore the iHelp Consolidation Loan.

iHelp Student Loan Reviews

Many public reviews praise iHelp and its parent company, SLFC, for its long-term standing in the lending industry and general transparency Although iHelp does not offer the option of interest rate reduction with automatic payments, borrowers praise iHelp’s repayment options. Overall, iHelp is highly regarded as a seasoned company in the student lending space and can provide excellent service and be a valuable resource for student loan borrowers.

If you are interested in refinancing with iHelp or exploring other refinancing options from other great lenders, visit Credible to see what options may be available to you.