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iHelp Review: Student Loan Refinancing and Private Student Loans 2022

Whatever your student loan needs, iHelp can help. Learn more about iHelp student loans review, eligibility criteria, and more.

By Matt Carter
Matt Carter

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Matt Carter


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Updated April 1, 2024

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If you’re looking for private student loans or wondering whether you should refinance your current student loans, iHelp could be the right lender for you. The big appeal of iHelp as a lender is that it partners 

iHelp student loan refinancing overview

If you would like to refinance your student loans to get a lower interest rate or more manageable payment, you should consider refinancing.

Though iHelp calls their student loan refinancing a “consolidation loan,” it’s important to note that it’s actually refinancing. It’s very different from the federal student loan consolidation process.

Here are a few perks of refinancing your student loans with iHelp:

Loan amounts
$10,000-$150,000 (undergraduate degree) and $10,000-$250,000 (graduate degree)
Loan terms
10, 15, and 20 years
Loan qualifications
Refinance federal, private, and ParentPLUS loans
0.25% rate discount for payments made with automatic debit
Must be employed for at least two years with a minimum income of $24,000
No fees
Does not need to have graduated from a post-secondary school. In addition, the borrower does not need to have graduated or attended a school on the eligible school list
U.S. citizen or permanent resident
Cosigner release
Cosigners may be eligible for release at any time after 24 months of consecutive on-time payments have been made, provided the borrower can meet the credit requirement at that time
Other perks
- Request up to two years of interest only payments as well as a graduated repayment schedule - Forbearance available for qualified borrowers
Loan servicer
Student Loan Finance Corporation

How to refinance with iHelp

iHelp can be a great match for certain borrowers, especially if you’re wanting to support your local community. Each refinancing lender determines the rate they’ll offer you on a case-by-case basis — so it’s impossible to know your lowest possible rate without comparing multiple lenders.

Credible makes refinancing easy

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iHelp isn’t one of our partner lenders. But you can use Credible to compare rates in 2 minutes from other lenders who offer student loan refinancing.

iHelp private student loans overview

In addition to offering student loan refinancing, iHelp can also help borrowers who are currently enrolled in school and looking for a private student loan to help fund their education.

Here are a few perks of choosing a private student loan from iHelp:

Loan amounts
Minimum loan amount of $1,000 ($3,000 for Georgia residents) Maximum of $100,000 for undergraduates and $150,000 for graduates
Loan terms
20 years
0.30% interest rate reduction for borrowers that qualified for the SOFR + 7.50% interest rate after 24 months of on-time payments. LIBOR has been replaced by SOFR — Secured Overnight Financing Rate — as of June 30, 2023
0.25% rate discount for payments made with automatic debit
Borrower or cosigner must be US citizen or permanent resident
Must be enrolled at least half time in an iHELP eligible school
Borrower or cosigner must have at least 2 years of positive credit history and annual income of $24,000 or more
Full deferment, interest only payments and principal and interest payments
Cosigner info
Cosigner release available after 24 months of on-time payments
Loan servicer
Student Loan Finance Corporation

How to get private student loans with iHelp

Before taking out a private student loan with iHelp or any other lender, make sure you exhaust all of your federal student loan options. If you’re still struggling to pay for college, compare student loans from multiple lenders to ensure you’re getting the best rates and terms for you.

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