College Ave Student Loan Refinancing Profile


Fixed and Variable

As low as 2.88%*

5-15 years



College Ave offers student loan refinancing with great interest rates and a variety of  loan terms. They also offer refinancing to current graduate students that hold an undergraduate degree. Whether you’re looking for the convenience of a single monthly payment, a balanced budget with payments you can afford, or overall savings with reduced interest charges, the College Ave Refi product has options to fit your lifestyle. Read full College Ave student loan refinancing review.

Loan Qualifications: Refinance federal, private, and ParentPLUS loans

Household Income: Borrower must have a combined total household income of at least $38,000 or a cosigner must be added

Broad School Eligibility: Available to all US residents that attended an eligible school

High Balance Borrowers: Consolidate and refinance up to $250,000

Degree Required: Must have graduated from a public or private, not-for-profit, degree-granting institution.


*Minimum APRs include AutoPay where available

Rates valid as of September 1, 2018

Variable Term


Term (Years)

Rate (APR)

5 - 15

2.88 - 7.63%

Fixed Term

Term (Years)

Rate (APR)

3.25 - 8.00%

5 - 15

  • Choose immediate full payments or 2 years of interest only
  • No application or prepayment fees

Key Benefits

  • 0.25% interest rate reduction with auto-pay


College Ave Refi


College Ave

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