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So you’ve just graduated and gotten a job lined up (go you!) but your mountain of student loan debt and/or bad credit is making it impossible to find an apartment. It can be tough saddling student debt while trying to advocate your financial legitimacy in the eyes of a landlord, so we’ve got some advice! Here are 6 tips for apartments for rent with student loans:

  1. Get a cosigner: having your parents or a trusted adult cosign your apartment lease will increase the likelihood a landlord will accept your rental application.
  2. Ask for a recommendation from a previous landlord: A statement from your previous landlord indicating your history of on time rent payments and respect of their property will go far in the eyes of some landlords, adding credibility to your application.
  3. Suggest a shorter term lease: Suggesting a two to six month rental lease allows you to prove to your landlord you intend to fulfill your end of the agreement. This gives your landlord time to consider extending your lease.
  4. Offer to move in immediately: Many landlords itch to earn a revenue stream as soon as possible so offering to expedite the process can increase your chances of landing the apartment.
  5. Find independent renters: Corporate-owned apartment complexes are less likely to be flexible when it comes to who they rent to, as they are required to follow strict company regulations. Individual renters are more willing to accept explanations and are generally more flexible.
  6. Get a letter from your employer: While not all employers provide this service, securing a letter verifying your employment and salary will make a landlord feel more secure about your ability to pay rent on time. Make sure the letter includes the length of time you’ve been employed as well as your current salary.