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How to make a referral:

In order to refer a friend, you must use the specific referral link provided by Credible through email (“Referral Link”). For each person that you refer who successfully refinances their student loans on the Credible Platform (through to completed funding) using your Referral Link, you will both be eligible to receive a reward of a $200 Visa eGift Card (“Referral Reward”). If you do not have a referral link, you may contact Credible at for a Referral Link. Referral Rewards shall be limited to one per individual referred, up to a total of 25 Referral Rewards per person making a referral. A User will not receive multiple Referral Rewards for the same friend taking out multiple loan products, nor will a User be eligible for Referral Rewards for taking out multiple loan products.

Credible does not control whether a person you refer receives an offer to refinance their loans and is not a party to the refinancing process. This depends on various factors, including existing loans, credit profile and lender criteria. For more information about refinancing offers and the Credible Service, please refer to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and any FAQs posted on the Credible website.

If you don't have a Referral Link:

If you do not have a Referral Link, you use the tool on this page to generate one. If you have trouble getting your link, contact Credible at

Receiving a Referral Reward:

Payment of any Referral Reward shall occur via a Visa eGift Card sent to the email address provided by a User. All persons seeking to claim a Referral Reward must have an active email to receive payment. Credible shall make reasonable efforts to make payment of any Referral Reward within thirty (30) days of loan completion notification from a Provider. All federal, state and local taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the participants in the Program. Payments may not be transferred or substituted. Upon cancellation of the Program, any unredeemed Referral Rewards shall be forfeited.  

For more information visit the Terms & Conditions

All rewards are subject to verification by Credible

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