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The benefits of refinancing your student loans are obvious to your wallet. Refinancing at current market rates can reduce your loan payments (meaning more cash to pay for your monthly expenses) as well as lower total repayment over the course of the loan.

There are reasons beyond money, however, that make refinancing an attractive option.  There are some secondary benefits to refinancing that you may have overlooked.  Some lenders also offer additional programs that could benefit you in ways you wouldn’t have thought.

Here are some programs that offer little bit more than just great savings:

Entrepreneurship Program – Allows up to six months of deferment to pursue new business ventures. You will also gain access to SOFI’s accredited investors as well as networking and mentoring opportunities.

Career Services – Gain professional advice from experts at SoFi on how to build your professional career, find the perfect job and achieve your goals.

Fund a Student – When you refinance your student loans through Commonbond, a Pencils of Promise student will be fully funded to attend school in another country.

As new programs and lenders emerge and existing ones develop we will be sure to keep you updated on the new hidden benefits refinancing can bring.

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