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Though extremely challenging, engineering only gets more exciting as you go. Grad students often find that the more you understand your course material, the more you start to notice the science behind most engineering marvels around you. From airplanes whizzing above you to your city’s electrical grid, you can rest assured you know how it works better than most everyone around you. We’ve gotten to know a lot about engineers seeking master’s degrees while refinancing their student loans. Here’s a humorous day in the life:

7:00AM Wake up

7:30AM Work out

9:00AM Applied Mathematics class

11:00AM Systems Engineering lecture

11:45AM Leave class early for job interview that couldn’t be rescheduled

1:00PM Lunch

2:00PM Systems Lab

6:00PM Try to choose and schedule classes for next semester

6:30PM Give up trying to work out all the schedule conflicts and study

12:00AM Sleep

A Day In The Life: Engineer